July challenge!

Summer is speeding by, and I want to try and slow it down, so I have set myself the challenge of posting everyday on my nature blogs, of which I have two. This means there will be a pst here every other day, and a post on my Blogger blog ‘Poetry of Earth’ every other day too. It may only be a photo!

Something that astounds me is how plants move about. One year there may be a big patch of a particular plant somewhere and the next year there may be none. How does this work? If a plant is happy somewhere I would expect it to reproduce there and persist, but this doesn’t seem to be the case always. Last year a big patch of Dovesfoot Cranesbill appeared in the lane where I hadn’t seen any before. This year there is none!

It makes for exciting times, as you never know what is going to pop up on your regular walks. The other day we went for a walk into Dunkerton, and one of the fields bordering the river is awash with Marsh Thistle. It looks so funny, just spindly stalks topped with buds and flowers, spread over the entire field. They don’t seem to like growing near each other, but have spaced themselves out quite evenly, like a mine field!


I went to photograph one and noticed something shining caught in the flower head. It was an insect wing, and when I looked closer I saw a whole Damselfly attached. Poor thing, it’s Maiden flight cut short by the Marsh Thistles spikes. A handy meal for someone passing though – nothing goes to waste.


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