Cam Valley Ravens

Ravens have moved into our little valley in recent years – a bird that stirs my soul. I love all the Corvids, but Ravens hold a special place in my heart. Who knows why we feel akin to one creature over another, it’s a strange phenomenon. It seems to happen with plants too. Maybe it’s how we spent previous lives!

Ravens it is though, and their ‘cronking’ resounds over the valley. First we noticed a pair, but now there seems to be more – sons and daughters? We have named the daddy ‘Walter’ after Mr Cronkite – not a very dignified name but onomatopoeically appropriate! In this hot weather he has been soaring high up in the sky, and yesterday as my eyes followed him I saw him fly over a curved arc with rainbow hues – a sun halo! It’s the first time I have seen one, and I so wished I could have taken a picture of the bird and the halo, but it was beyond my photographic skill. I had to be content with a silhouette of the raven – looking rather dishevelled…

And now I am stuck indoors with a poorly back – wish I could be up there soaring with him.



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