By the pricking of my thumbs…

Thunderstorms are forecast for later today, and as it’s a full moon as well (and a Supermoon to boot!) we are expecting some excitement from the heavens.

The July full moon is often associated with thunderstorms, as one of my favourite sites, says – ‘ In North America, we often call the July full moon the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. At this time of year, buck deer grow velvety antlers, thunderstorms rage and farmers struggle to put hay into their barns.’

So I’ve battened down the hatches and staked whatever might be bashed down (Sunflowers, Hollyhocks, Borage…) – although at the moment it’s business as usual in our heatwave, with the thermometer heading for 30 degrees, and the birds and bees buzzing and cheeping like crazy.

This has been an amazing year for flowers, and the jasmine is the best it’s ever been. I always associate jasmine with the night, as that’s when it smells strongest, and illuminates the dusk with it’s starry flowers.

Maybe I will call this full moon the Jasmine Moon…


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