Lammas Eve

The last day of July has brought more rain, and it’s very ‘close’ out – must try and find out where that expression comes from.

My back is still playing up, so I am determined to find time to walk every day. Not a problem when I am at the printers as the walk up to the main road takes 15 minutes. But when I am at home I get embroiled and the day flies by. When I take my camera out for a walk it’s a very slow affair as I do a lot of ‘looking’ rather than brisk walking.

So it’s off out and leave the camera behind, for a brisk half hour walk. As we live on the side of a valley all walks involve either going up then down, or down then up, so it’s quite a good workout!

Today I did down Stoneage Lane, along the meadow, along by the Cam River, and up Wick Lane back home.

Although I didn’t have my camera I did have to stop a few times to look at things (impossible not to!), and gathered a few bits and bobs – for my nature table.

As I walked down Stoneage Lane I heard a sound from behind the hedge – the soft breathy grinding of a cow chewing. I don’t know why but I love this sound, it’s very soothing. Might try and record it.

The late summer flowers are out in abundance – bindweed, nipplewort,  thistles, bramble blossom and willow-herb, and the fruits of autumn are developing. The crunch of fallen hazel nuts as a car goes by, a green rose hip, and the amazing ‘shaggy’ seed head of Herb Bennet.


August tomorrow, harvest month and shortening days. I think we should have intermediate seasons, and would like to call August ‘Sumtumn’.


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  1. Good suggestion about the ‘August season’, I always feel it is neither summer nor autumn and is quite unique.Good to know I’m not the only ambler that walks miles with little exertion!

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